Friday, March 10, 2017

The knock on your door

Before GPS became available on our cellphones, I have knocked on someone’s door for directions. Thankfully people have answered, assisted me and I went on my way. As a reporter, I write about the times that some sort of evil comes knocking on the door and they help themselves to whatever they want.

In one day I worked on two stories about home invasion robberies. They seem to be occurring more and more in the greater Philadelphia region. I postponed the stories I began earlier that day to review police reports and make phone calls before talking to neighbors.

After I knocked on a handful of doors, I realized that the resident may be nervous about answering their door. Days before the home invasion, they probably would have thought an unfamiliar face at their door was seeking donations or trying to sell something. But now, maybe they were worried about my intentions outside their door. Once they unlocked the door and I identified myself as a reporter, they seemed more trusting. Some came outside and talked to me, or talked with the outer door separating us. They are still cautious about their safety, just as reporters are apprehensive about their own safety.