Thursday, April 21, 2016

Giving back to your community as a volunteer firefighter

Volunteering as a firefighter is a great way to give back to your community. It benefits you as a person and your community. I’m in the beginning of a new adventure, one that is full of rewarding challenges.

Before the fire service became a big part of my life, I knew little about it. I knew only a few firefighters before I joined my local company. I talked to one of my friends, a former career firefighter, about the fire service. He described it as a great service opportunity. He also had some warnings and offered to help me as needed.

“It’s not for everyone,” my friend said.

I also heard that on the first day of fire school at the Delaware County Emergency Services Training Center. The instructor, who is a career firefighter, repeated the words slowly, “it’s not for everyone.” We started with 42 students, including me. We finished with 26 firefighters.
Upon completion of fire school at the Delaware County Training Center in December 2015, Ginger Rae Dunbar became a nationally certified volunteer firefighter. 

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

A journey from journalism to firefighting…

I have interviewed firefighters who have been serving longer than I have been alive. I have asked volunteer firefighters why they joined to include that in an article. I had not expected to become one of them.
Ginger Rae Dunbar 

I had never wanted to become a firefighter. Life plans and dreams evolved at some point.

At 25, I officially joined as a volunteer firefighter at my local fire company in October 2014. I became a certified firefighter in Pennsylvania upon completion of fire school in December 2015 at the Delaware County Emergency Services Training Center. At that time, I also passed an exam to become nationally certified.